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They said that the project is ready for deploy and you discover more bugs.
Our work is tested on every commit using Continuous Integration and Unit and Integration Testing.
They leave your project and their code is ununderstandable.
Our code is easy to read and documented. We follow all known design patterns.
They want to win more money, so they offer you a big solution. But they hide the simple and scalable solution.
Our strength is the honesty and simplicity.
They start coding without looking around. There are softwares that do what you want.
We will show you different alternatives and you decide.
Do you have an idea?
We can make it real, we have experience.
Do you need data for your business?
We can make crawler bots for extracting periodic public data from different websites.
What if you have success?
Our apps, sites and systems are optimized for high concurrency, with low latency and high availability.
Aren't your software according to your needs?
We can do it better, you can trust us.
Quality, Scalability and Robustness.
Experts in Backend and Mobile Development.
We love what we do. We love challenges.
Responsibility and Compromise.

System Engineers, Software arquitects,

developers and designers working for you.

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